The King of Creepy Is Back

'Cosmopolis' by David CronenbergBloggers are saying that the creepy, nasty, yucky David Cronenberg we know and love is back. Cronenberg’s new film, ‘Cosmopolis’ just premiered at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. Robert Pattinson plays a banker whose life falls apart over the span of one kooky day. For some reason, it feels sci-fi-ish. Let’s hope word on the street is right about DC being up to his old tricks. After all, Cronenberg’s mindf**k called ‘Crash’ and the slimy, slurpy, ickiness of ‘Existenz’, set the bar way high. (And for whatever reason, the trailer for ‘Cosmopolis’ reads more David Lynch to me.) I love both directors, but now I’m confused. Bloggers report there’s mucho sex and violence (raw, of course) in ‘Cosmopolis’ —- but then again, raw sex and violence are two of the things that Cronenberg does best…putting these two primal aspects of the human experience onscreen, that is. The trailer definitely hints, so we’re keeping the faith. David Cronenberg is a filmmaking beast, and there’s something nice and twisted about Robert Pattinson, who’s getting major props for leaving his ‘Twilight’ character waaaay behind in this one. Fingers crossed.



Godspeed Loves to Get Love

The House That Fox Built!

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The Indie Grinder: Celia C. Peters and Godspeed

Robots of Brixton

Check out this cool short film, which screened at Sci-Fi-London 2012 earlier this month. Part animation, part post-apocalyptic political protest. And the soundtrack/score is killer! (Click on poster to see the short.)

Robots of Brixton (directed by Kibwe Tavares; produced by Factory Fifteen)

Robots of Brixton

And let’s not forget the 1979 original: “The Guns of Brixton” by The Clash

"The Guns of Brixton" by The Clash

The Mathematical Genius in Egyptian Art

People are still up in the air as to whether or not the Egyptians were in contact with extraterrestrials who may have lent a hand (or whatever they had as appendages) with the Pyramids. Either way, one thing is undisputed: the Egyptians’ grasp of mathematics was crazy advanced. As it turns out, one of the most familiar hieroglyphs, the Eye of Horus, is a mathematical equation presented as art. Who knew? Apparently, using pictograms to express numerical units is more intuitive/user-friendly for most of us.

This symbol is a mathematical equation! breaks it down: This Egyptian Symbol is Actually a Math Equation

(Top half image: Jose Ignacio Soto/

In the Future, Every Famous Person Will Be a Hologram for 15 Minutes

Can you imagine? According to the people at Musion Technology, the good folks who resurrected Tupac in hologram form at this year’s Coachella Festival, they’ll be bringing back many other dearly departed celebs. Jimi Hendrix, anyone? (Yes!) Elvis? (Not so much.) This could be the start of a disturbing trend….sorta cool, but no doubt extremely spooky. (Although the image of R2D2 and Tupac together is priceless.) Celebrity Holograms of the Future

Believe it or not, the FX studio that actually created the Tupac hologram, Digital Domain Media Group, is the same studio created by ‘Avatar’ and ‘Titanic’ filmmaker James Cameron to do cutting edge visual effects. (DDMG seamlessly turned Brad Pitt into a shriveled crone in ‘The Curious Case of Benjamiin Button.’) Just think: they might soon be bringing Whitney Houston or Kurt Cobain back to life on a stage near you. DDMG: Where Tupac was (re)born

Truth is Stranger than (Science) Fiction

Saturn and its moon, Titan

Earth is about twice as big as Titan (the little one), so imagine how massive Saturn is. Click on the photo to see them in motion.

This très cool, spooky-beautiful video by filmmaker Chris Abbas stars the planet Saturn and its moon Titan. All of these images were taken by NASA’s Cassini satellite while orbiting Saturn in 2007. (The haunting score is by Nine Inch Nails.) Every time I watch this mysterious little clip, I expect to see some alien spacecraft zip into the frame…..


By the time the Cassini spacecraft started sending these pictures back, it had been in space over 6 years. Each image took over 48 hours to reach Earth, and check it: what you see was shot more than 2 billion miles from wherever you are right now.

For more on what Cassini is up to:

THIS is Science Fiction (we hope): ‘Prometheus’ is coming

The sci-fi pioneer Ridley Scott (ALIEN, BLADE RUNNER, THELMA & LOUISE) is at it again, this time with the forthcoming sci-fi thriller ‘Prometheus’. The cast includes Idris Elba, Michael Fassbender and Charlize Theron. (Curious that yet again there don’t seem to be any women of color in the future, innit? Just saying. Nevermind, soon come.) Anyway, we love the genre and since this is the director who brought us ‘Alien’ and all-time fave ‘Blade Runner,’ we’re hopeful that our wig will be blown back. This dude has a track record of pushing the sci-fi envelope to a whole new place.

‘Prometheus’ is about a group of explorers who go deep into space after finding a clue about the origins of humankind. One of the explorers is a robot synthetic named David. Meet David.