Truth is Stranger than (Science) Fiction

Saturn and its moon, Titan

Earth is about twice as big as Titan (the little one), so imagine how massive Saturn is. Click on the photo to see them in motion.

This très cool, spooky-beautiful video by filmmaker Chris Abbas stars the planet Saturn and its moon Titan. All of these images were taken by NASA’s Cassini satellite while orbiting Saturn in 2007. (The haunting score is by Nine Inch Nails.) Every time I watch this mysterious little clip, I expect to see some alien spacecraft zip into the frame…..


By the time the Cassini spacecraft started sending these pictures back, it had been in space over 6 years. Each image took over 48 hours to reach Earth, and check it: what you see was shot more than 2 billion miles from wherever you are right now.

For more on what Cassini is up to:


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