The King of Creepy Is Back

'Cosmopolis' by David CronenbergBloggers are saying that the creepy, nasty, yucky David Cronenberg we know and love is back. Cronenberg’s new film, ‘Cosmopolis’ just premiered at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. Robert Pattinson plays a banker whose life falls apart over the span of one kooky day. For some reason, it feels sci-fi-ish. Let’s hope word on the street is right about DC being up to his old tricks. After all, Cronenberg’s mindf**k called ‘Crash’ and the slimy, slurpy, ickiness of ‘Existenz’, set the bar way high. (And for whatever reason, the trailer for ‘Cosmopolis’ reads more David Lynch to me.) I love both directors, but now I’m confused. Bloggers report there’s mucho sex and violence (raw, of course) in ‘Cosmopolis’ —- but then again, raw sex and violence are two of the things that Cronenberg does best…putting these two primal aspects of the human experience onscreen, that is. The trailer definitely hints, so we’re keeping the faith. David Cronenberg is a filmmaking beast, and there’s something nice and twisted about Robert Pattinson, who’s getting major props for leaving his ‘Twilight’ character waaaay behind in this one. Fingers crossed.



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