Please don’t eat the art. No, really.

Once again, art imitates life and proves that life usually takes the prize for amazing. German artist Klaus Pichler photographed a collection of strangely beautiful sculptures that are striking on a visual level, but the real smack in the face is when you find out what they’re made from: rotten food.

Pichler, that clever man, created this eerie work to document the amount of food wasted around the globe per year: one-third of the world’s supply (mostly in the “industrialized nations of the global north”) according to the UN. He also mentions the costs to the environment — you know, as in the carbon footprint from transporting this wasted food, the water that went into cultivating it, etc.

Meanwhile, 1 in 7 people will go to bed hungry tonight. Seriously, that’s a lot of goddamn people. We all need to think three times before putting it on our carts or on our plates.

Check out the photography: One Third by Klaus Pichler


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