LeVar Burton gives up the goods on Geordi’s sex life. Wait, what sex life?

Trekkies know the name right off the bat. For all you lay people, Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge was the character rocked out by LeVar Burton (formerly Kunta Kinte on the miniseries “Roots”). Burton played Geordi on the Star Trek: The Next Generation television series and in films based on the series. But what you probably don’t know is that Burton also directed many Star Trek episodes — in fact, he’s directed more episodes than any other cast member. Nice one.

But on to the sex. Burton recently (finally!) addressed the major problem that plagued Geordi throughout the series: A crap sex life. (Glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed that Geordi got no play.)

The Reading RainbowNot only is Burton a talented actor and director, but those with a good memory (or kids) know that he also hosted and executive produced “The Reading Rainbow,” a children’s reading show that was on PBS for 23 years. In June 2012, Apple released a Reading Rainbow iPad app developed by Burton and his company that became the #1 educational app within 36 hours. Damn.

On that note, this spastic ode to LeVar Burton is slightly historic, but worth revisiting. It’s hilarious and on the money: LeVar Burton is most definitely a multi-talented MF. Take that all you haters who laughed at Geordi’s VISOR.


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