A sports car shooting out of Grace Jones’ mouth: does it get more sci-fi?

Not many could pull this off

Projectile Citroën
Not many could pull it off.

Grace Jones is bad to the bone, and quite under-appreciated in these days of pop culture shaped by Miley Cyrus’ haircut, Chris Brown’s tattoo, Jennifer Anniston’s engagement, nihilism set to dope beats, Basketball Wives, American Idol, Gallery Girls, The Situation and Honey Boo-Boo. Grace was the mind-blowingly iconic patron saint of those marching to their own beat, a woman of razor-sharp style and originality who didn’t think twice to laugh, scoff, if not spit, at so-called ‘normality.’ Exhibit 1: her 1985 Citroën commercial, directed by (then-lover) French photographer Jean-Paul Goude. Grace at her absolute fiercest — she belts out one word (“bien”), runs over you, the viewer — and then drives back into her own head. In the middle of a scorching desert. Apparently, Grace and Goude brought out the best (and near-worst) in each other…but considering how they set each other on fire artistically (Goude directed and shot much of her legendary imagery), kinda makes you wonder (OK, makes me wonder): how psychotic must their sex life have been? But I digress.

If the commercial’s imagery looks familiar, that’s because it popped up 16 years later in the Stanley Kubrick/Steven Speilberg sci-fi flick, ‘A.I.’

1985, Goude and Grace do Citroën

2001, film still from ‘A.I. Artificial Intelligence.’ Same shit, different angle.

One last bit : an 1985 interview Grace did for Australian TV. Original keepin’ it real…before it was an over-quoted, under-utilized concept.


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