Antique Tech: Huge-A** Cell Phones

Mobile phone, XXL

He wasn’t the only one who thought this clunker was cool.

Remember these? It’s hard to believe no one thought twice about how big and incredibly awkward cell phones were when we first got them into our hot hands. Thank God technology has evolved, because when they were born, mobile phones had to be the most cumbersome and inconvenient status symbol ever. My mother had a huge, supersonic pager, then a bulky car phone, then a big ole’ generator-sized cell phone. And while my father gave her oversized, unelegant gadgets the side-eye, I was fascinated…no, obsessed…with the whole idea of a phone with no cord. That you could take anywhere. (Didn’t take much back then.)

Want a good laugh? Click here to check out 14 people with big ole clunky mobile phones…all convinced they had it going on.


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