True Skin: The Future Is Closer Than You Think

TRUE SKIN from H1 on Vimeo.

Imagine life when, body part-by-body part, we merge with machines…. Cybernetic limbs, digitized eyes, maybe some artificial skin — even your mind could be transplanted into a new body. Now imagine it all going down in Bangkok. Yeah, baby.

True Skin is a fresh, high-tech short film set in futuristic Bangkok. It’s pure sensory chaos: the people, the decadence, the hustle, the energy….with robo-prosthetics and lots of artificial intelligence thrown in the mix. True Skin is an exciting way to spend 5 minutes.

Shout out to director Stephan Zlotescu and producer Christopher Sewall.


Tune In, Strap On, Flip Out

The Occulus Rift Virtual Reality headset

The iPod of the future? See for yourself.

Apparently, we are one step closer to stepping into our video games. I, for one, can’t wait.

Oculus, a Long Beach, CA-based gaming company is now knee-deep in developing a cutting-edge Virtual Reality headset called the Oculus Rift. The Rift claims to offer “amazing degree of visibility and control within the 3D space,” and is described as “the first truly immersive virtual reality headset for video games.” How excited are game-heads? The company’s Kickstarter campaign to raise $250,000 breezed by its goal in hours. A month later, when the campaign ended, Oculus had raised just over $2.4 MILLION. In one month.

So how real is the Rift’s version of reality? Pretty damn real, thanks to some very serious tech features, according to’s Winda Benedetti. Descriptions of the the test drive sound like either high-quality tech or high-quality drugs:’s Sam Cook called the Rift experience “uncanny” and “spooky,” and described how his brain was “tricked.”’s Kyle Orland said that after the Rift, his legs were wobbly and his stomach was lurching.

Welcome to the (Virtual) Future.