Cyber-sexy anyone? These ladies look *ready*.

Get your mind right, because virtual reality sex is closer than you think.  Oculus (maker of the Rift VR headset) is brewing up some nasty with Sinful Robot (a producer of adult virtual reality experiences). The two companies are developing a “fully immersive erotic encounters” experience speficially for the Rift headset, which has full 3-D vision and high-tech movement sensors. Gamers and cyber-geeks from coast-to-coast have been raving about the Rift ever since they could get their hot hands on it. (All I know is that if the graphic up above is any indication of what’s in store, there BETTER be some sinful robots of the male persuasion!)
The Occulus Rift Virtual Reality headset

Could this replace The Rabbit?

According to the makers, the point of this is not scoring points or winning….the point is pleasure. (And, who can’t appreciate the option of hassle-free lovin’?) So if the thought of getting freaky with artificial intelligence gets your juices flowing, just be patient—Oculus and Sinful Robot promise that what they’re creating is going to put you in “the center of the action, the ecstatic epicenter of play.”  I have two words for these people: Bring. It.

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