Roxë15: a sci-fi short. Shooting April 2013….
Yours Truly, Writer|Director. Nicole Sylvester, Producer. Featuring April Matthis, Donna Duplantier, Erik McKay, Graham Powell, Daniel Moser, Michael Jay Kaplan.
If you’re ready for something new in indie film, look no further.
NYC, 2051. Roxë is an edgy but brilliant virtual reality programmer working on the project she hopes will change her life. Things are good, until her software is infected with a virus. They go from bad to worse when the virus comes after her.
We’re in the homestretch, shooting April 7 & 8 in NYC. We’re raising final funds that will help us cross the finish line and bring a fresh voice to indie film! Give what you can. Small donations are HUGE.
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Not exactly sci-fi, but….

19th century soprano Sissieretta Jones and Motor City punk rockers Death.

Flipsides of the Black Musical Experience explores opera and punk in Segment One. (Creator/producer: Celia C. Peters)

…it is from yours truly. Catch the pitch clip for my music documentary mini-series, Flipsides of the Black Musical Experience. Digging deep: this mini-series looks at the little-known stories of black artists who made their mark in unexpected genres. Unconventional musical masters marching to the beat of their own drums. (Per our licensing agreement, this link will only be available to the public for a short time —- watch it while you can!)

And BTW, Flipsides of the Black Musical Experience is looking for a production home….interested parties, contact: Rock on.