From My Brain to Yours….

brain to brainFinally — the power to control another person’s body with your mind is a reality! Well, sort of. Researchers at the University of Washington successfully sent a signal generated by one person’s thoughts across a computer interface to the brain of another person….and that thought moved a body part of the second person. Deep, right?! Someone’s thought was felt in someone else’s body. The ultimate goal is for those with prosthetic limbs to be able  to move them using their minds…..but the other possibilities are endless.

If we could control the fingers of others, we’d have you all clicking over to IndieGoGo to pledge a ccuple bucks to my sci-fi short film Roxë15. It’s a story about a tech-loving programmer who finds that technology turning on her. We’ve shot it and we’re raising $$ for post-production. Check it out: ROXË15


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