What the @#$**!% is a DASER?

DASER logoOn October 18, I had the honor and pleasure of being a part of something very sexy.  ‘Twas the National Academy of Science’s monthly series, called DASER (D.C. Art Science Evening Rendezvous) — a sweet spot in the heart of the nation’s capital, where people get together to talk about 2 of my fave things in the entire world: art and science.
And trust me, although I look both sleepy and sarcastic in the photo below,
DASER was fan-f**kin-tastic.

DASER_me panel lean_edit

The job of the October panel was to talk about science fiction… which I find quite exciting. Needless to say, I was all too happy to introduce everyone to the irons I currently have in the fire: Roxë15 and Godspeed. And I was in great company on the stage, arty science types doing hot projects: two sci-fi authors (one of whom is a theoretical physicist, the other someone who predicted a current-day technology in his writing), plus a law professor who’s a founder of the Center for Science and the Imagination and a moderator who’s EIC of the magazine “Issues in Science and Technology.”  And an audience of other very cool, creative eggheads. I swear, smart people are so sexy.
DASER_panel widePS: If you are in the D.C. area, check DASER out for your monthly dose of


Women. Who Needs ‘Em?

BLOG_no way-sexist_tiger rugMisogyny….it’s so tired, so neanderthal — so repulsive, so useless. Yet and still, unlike the extinct pint-sized sub-species, misogyny and it’s little brother, male chauvinism, continue to live. This post could go anywhere, but we will focus on how this cancer keeps contaminating one of our fave things in the world: film.

It’s hard to believe, but in this day and age, there are still those who are seriously selling the B.S. line that a woman should not/cannot carry a film. Films like the sci-fi flick “Gravity.” Not long ago, director Alfonso Cuarón revealed that he was pressured to change the gender of the lead character of “Gravity,” played by Sandra Bullock, to be male. ( And let’s be clear: Cuarón wrote the “Gravity’s” script about this woman character with his son.)

BLOG_sandra b gravity

Sandra Bullock as Dr. Ryan Stone in “Gravity” (2013)

Enough already.

BLOG_ripley images

Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley in “Alien” (1979).

Enough of this ridiculous knee-jerk assumption that stories of adventure, intrigue, daring or importance are testosterone territory. One of the most memorable characters in contemporary science fiction, Ripley from the “Alien” film franchise (rocked out by Sigourney Weaver), was written as a man, but director Ridley Scott thought the movie would be more interesting if Ripley was a woman. Now imagine how much less memorable “Alien” would’ve been as yet another sci-fi flick with a male protagonist battling aliens in deep space.  See how that works?

Clearly, some people (and by ‘people’, I mean pathetic men and the pea-brained women who let these dudes shape their thinking) are very resistant to the reality that women and men are equal. Not the SAME, but equal in value. Everything in science, nature and divinity confirms this. And no amount of misogyny, chauvinism, male worship or plain old wishful thinking is ever going to change that fact….so for the love of God, deal with it and stop trying to derail great storytelling with your intellectually impotent nonsense. Here’s a 21st century news flash: like so many other things once thought to be the exclusive domain of men (voting, driving, running one’s own sex life, being boss, having a bank account, and yes….even acting), the jobs of lead actor and (gasp!) even film director, have both fallen into women’s greedy little hands. And guess what? We’re not going anywhere.

Movie Posters from an Alternate Reality


The other ‘Bambi’: A poster for the Disney classic by UK artist Rowan Stocks-Moore. Check him out at http://rowansm.tumblr.com/

TheVerge.com has gathered quite a collection of alternate movie posters for films we know and love — this time done by independent illustrators.
We’ll never see Bambi the same way again.

Alternative Movie Posters from the Underground

The 5 Most Underrated Sci-Fi Masterpieces?

**According to editor Steven James Snyder and the rest of Techland, that is. Click the image to get Snyder’s list.

Silent Running

From ‘Silent Running’ (1972). Ever seen it?

I def agree with #4, haven’t see #3 and #5 yet, have to revisit #2. And I like #1 but I definitely don’t think it’s #1. Hmmmm….I feel a Top 10 list of my own coming on.

So tell me — what do you think?? What are YOUR top 5 sci-fi masterpieces?

Roxë15: Onward and Upward!


We have officially concluded the IndieGoGo campaign for Roxë15!

Thanks to the backing of visionary and generous supporters, we are headed toward post-production. We SO appreciate everyone who gave to this project.
Thank you for being invested!

We eternally grateful for all of the many forms of love that have come to this project from so many corners. Without audience, there is no point — so having you with us means everything…. and we will be loving you right back. We very much look forward to presenting a sci-fi film that is fresh, authentic and innovative.
Roxë15 will represent a new voice and a new perspective, in a new way. Namaste.

If you missed us on IGG,
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