All Curves: A Space-Age Architect Putting It Down


All curves. According to architecht Zaha Hadid: “”The idea was that the frames could be like veins….”

Architecht Zaha Hadid is the truth. She is a woman making her mark on the world, literally.

Hadid is an illmatic architect spitting out stunning, next-level, game-changing design on a global scale. Hadid, a 63-year-old Iraqi-born British citizen, has 950 projects going in 44 countries. 950 projects. 44 countries. (Think about that the next time you talk about how busy you are.) Her latest work is  a set of futuristic “super-yachts” designed for German company Blohm+Voss.

zaha-hadid-superyacht_CU jazz

The 90-meter “Jazz” yacht (this is the little one).

The yachts are in addition to designing the Vitra Fire Station in Germany, Rome’s MAXXI Museum, the London Aquatics Center (built for the 2012 Olympics), Beijing’s Galaxy Soho entertainment/office complex and the Guangzhou Opera House, among many others.


Handling her business: architect Zaha Hadid

Predictably, she has a rep for being “difficult.”
Says Hadid: “If you’re a man you’re seen as someone who’s tough and ambitious, but when a woman is ambitious it’s seen as bad. I think things have changed in the last 20 years. They’re better. But there’s still prejudice.”
So how did she make it happen?
“I never took no for an answer. I never sat back and said ‘walk all over me, it’s OK.'”
Just what we thought.


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