Kwanzaa. DAY 6: Creativity | Kuumba


Creativity/Kuumba by Artistic Freedom Design |

Celebrate the artist in all of us.


Kwanzaa. DAY 5: Purpose | Nia


Purpose/Nia by Artistic Freedom Design |

Eyes on the prize.

Kwanzaa. DAY 3: Collective Work and Responsibility | Ujima

Collective Work and Responsibility/Ujima by Artistic Freedom Design |

We are One. Together, we get things done.

Future-Forward Holiday Design


Umoja/UNITY by Artistic Freedom Design Wall Art

Unity — it’s a good thing, right?
So are purpose, faith, self-determination….these transcend religion, culture, geography or race. It’s all about self-actulization and strengthening community. And style! Check out the many principles that you can display in forward-thinking style at
Artistic Freedom Design Wall Art.
We encourage you to celebrate the things that have meaning for you.
Happy Holidays!