Usoni: If Africa Owned the Sun

What happens when Africa owns the sun?

Smart and innovative… just what we like:         sci-fi series Usoni

Imagine a a future where immigration is flowing TO Africa — because thanks to air pollution, it’s one of a few places where the sun is visible. Kenyan sci-fi series Usoni follows a couple who risks everything to get to where the sun still shines in the year 2062. reports that Usoni is still in its pilot phase. The way we see it, if someone financed Sharknado (and its sequel), surely there’s room at the table for the likes of Usoni. Those of us who enjoy using our brains need something to watch too.

Usoni was created by Dr. Marc Rigaudis, produced by Denver Ochieng, and directed by Cherie Lindiwe of the United States International University.

Usoni: a sci-fi series


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