Who Do You Love?

Artistic Freedom Design
has a Valentine Card for you and whoever you’re loving on.

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Who Do You Love? (Click!)

“Who Do You Love?” (long version) by Bernard Wright




Lupita Nyong’o: talent, intelligence and beauty

Dear Lupita Nyong’o,
Thank you for being drop-dead, stunningly gorgeous without changing who you are. You rock.

lupita multi

Lupita Nyong’o. Damn!

Her Is Gorgeous


Joaquin Phoenix rocks the house in “Her”

How intimate are you and your technology? Do you trust it? Do you need it? Do you want it — even miss it — when you’re away from it? Now imagine that your technology felt the same things for you….and more. Could you….would you…..cross that line?

Her is a intriguing, visionary look at the next level of humanity’s relationship with tech. Take it from CyberGeek #1, Spike Jonze and his cast did their thing — they created an eloquent, realistic, tech-driven near-future sci-fi flick that’s actually all about the human heart and soul. This one will stick in your head, especially if you’re listening toward the end. (Oh, and BTW: do not let the corny commercial throw you off.)


Sean Young as Rachael in the classic, “Blade Runner”

Last but not least, here are a few other movies starring the world’s most lovable robots.

Kwanzaa. DAY 7: Faith | Imani


Faith/Imani by Artistic Freedom Design | http://bit.ly/AFDwallart

The evidence of things not seen.

As Kwanzaa draws to a close and we step into a brand new year, we wish each and every one the very best that the new horizon has to bring:
dreams fulfilled, visions realized, joy, peace, love, expansion of our minds & spirits. Evolution.

One Love.