Her Is Gorgeous


Joaquin Phoenix rocks the house in “Her”

How intimate are you and your technology? Do you trust it? Do you need it? Do you want it — even miss it — when you’re away from it? Now imagine that your technology felt the same things for you….and more. Could you….would you…..cross that line?

Her is a intriguing, visionary look at the next level of humanity’s relationship with tech. Take it from CyberGeek #1, Spike Jonze and his cast did their thing — they created an eloquent, realistic, tech-driven near-future sci-fi flick that’s actually all about the human heart and soul. This one will stick in your head, especially if you’re listening toward the end. (Oh, and BTW: do not let the corny commercial throw you off.)


Sean Young as Rachael in the classic, “Blade Runner”

Last but not least, here are a few other movies starring the world’s most lovable robots.

Kwanzaa. DAY 7: Faith | Imani


Faith/Imani by Artistic Freedom Design | http://bit.ly/AFDwallart

The evidence of things not seen.

As Kwanzaa draws to a close and we step into a brand new year, we wish each and every one the very best that the new horizon has to bring:
dreams fulfilled, visions realized, joy, peace, love, expansion of our minds & spirits. Evolution.

One Love.