The Story

The year is 2034 and Brandy, a troubled high achiever, finds herself confronting a completely new understanding of what it means to be human.

Isolated, anxious, uncertain…afraid. The successful life of creative New York professional Brandy is transformed into a scary, unpredictable place after bizarre symptoms take root in her mind.  After these anomalies culminate in a very ugly, very visible breakdown in her high-powered world, Brandy is shattered when she’s forced to step away from her career. She goes to her family home in Detroit to regroup, but despite finding comfort there, she’s challenged and disturbed by newcomers who aren’t what they seem. Brandy soon discovers that even familiar faces are different now and she has no idea of who (or what) to trust. Her symptoms escalate relentlessly and as events unfold, Brandy’s very existence is turned inside out. She suspects that her sanity is dissolving…but ultimately Brandy must decide which way to turn when she realizes that it is reality itself, not her, which has changed.

We are cultivating a high-quality cinematic product unique on the landscape of American cinema. By combining universal storytelling with authentically diverse characters and a cutting-edge aesthetic, Godspeed is setting a precedent in American film.

The time is now.


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