NASA’s 411 on Extraterrestrial Life

Are we alone?

Life of extraterrestrial origin is out there. This is the word from NASA. (Yes, really.) The agency has predicted that we’ll see “indications” of life outside of Earth within 10 years….and have evidence of it by 2045.

We suspect that this announcement is a much bigger deal than NASA is letting on. It feels like we are being prepared for something, doesn’t it? Although NASA is referring to microbial life (not big-headed little creatures with huge eyes and spindly limbs), consider the fact that this is not the first time NASA has made this claim. Also consider the fact that when it comes to the question ‘Are we alone?’ the U.S. government tends to flip out — making blanket denials and sputtering contradictory nonsense like a Lothario caught in the act. The way we see it, for a government agency to state not once, but twice, that we should expect to meet life from outside this planet within a specific time frame….that’s HUGE. Bottom line: NASA is most likely already aware of the existence of life originating outside of Earth (microbial or otherwise).

But time, as they say, will tell.

PS — Did you know there are Ocean Worlds all over our solar system?


Hidden for Centuries

Is this Ciudad Blanca?Talk about a sci-fi writer’s wet dream. The Los Angeles Times reported today that scientists from the University of Houston have discovered an ancient city in Honduras, deep in the Central American Mosquito Coast region. Apparently, this civilization has been covered by jungle growth for centuries. (Yes, we’ve seen the scenario in film before, but this is real. Who knows what’s under there?!) The city was discovered using laser mapping technology called LIDAR (laser-based light detection and ranging) from an airplane. Many are hoping this spot will turn out to be the infamous gold-filled Ciudad Blanca (White City) mentioned by the Spanish explorer/marauder/colonizer Hernán Cortés back in 1526. (In addition to supposedly being full of loot, Ciudad Blanca is also described as the birthplace of the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl.) Either way, it’s bound to be pretty damned special. Imagine: a city undisturbed for hundreds of years….hmmmm. The wheels are turning already.