Roxë15 is ALIVE and WELL


Roxë15, a science fiction short film by Celia C. Peters. (Artwork by Rowan Stocks-Moore)

Some of you may be wondering: What ever happened to that sci-fi short film? Well, I’m here to tell you that Roxë15 is, indeed, alive and well.

Ohio-based editor Chris Croft and I have been working hard for the past several weeks….and (thank God!) the light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer and closer. I have had the great pleasure of editing sound effects (call me geeky or whatever, but I happen to LOVE editing audio). Anyhoo, the final pieces are coming into place. It has taken a while but as they say, good things come to those who wait — so stay tuned.

Also, I’m extremely excited and honored to announce that the feature-length screenplay of Roxë15 was recently selected to be a part of cultivEight, a national film development program sponsored by NEA Art Works! cultivEight is produced by PushPush Film and Theater in Atlanta, in partnership with BrandCinema in NYC and producer Alexander A. Motlagh. It’s an innovative, hands-on, filmmaker-centered incubator that develops out-of-the-box film projects over 8 months.  The object is to thoroughly and thoughtfully develop projects, connect filmmakers with producers and get projects into (what?) PRODUCTION!

Feeling extremely thankful/grateful that both the long and short of Roxë15 are moving in the right direction…..ever forward!

The Robots Are Coming

artificial intelligenceArtificial intelligence has just evolved in a huge way. The NY Times reports that scientists at Google and at Google Stanford University have developed a software that can teach itself to recognize what’s happening in photographs. Google’s old-school image-recognition software could only teach itself to identify individual objects. (After seeing 10 million images from YouTube, it taught itself to recognize cats. Ha!) This new program is braniac in comparison; in most cases, the software’s photo captions were pretty much the same as those of human observers. It’s very cool, but maybe a little unsettling? I just wonder, when the software describes  “A pizza sitting on top of a pan on top of a stove,” what does that mean to the software? What is its understanding of what pizza, a pan, and a stove are?

I guess one day very soon, I’ll be able to ask it myself.

This Woman Knew How to LIVE!

gal-angelou-8-jpgMaya Angelou (4.4.28 – 5.28.14)
“My great hope is to laugh as much as I cry; to get my work done and try to love somebody and have the courage to accept the love in return.”

“You are the sum total of everything you’ve ever seen, heard, eaten, smelled, been told, forgot – it’s all there. Everything influences each of us, and because of that I try to make sure that my experiences are positive.”

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”

Well played, lovely lady.
Thank you for shining your brave, elegant, brilliant, passionate, sassy, truthful light on us.
Enjoy the next leg of your journey!

Alien Daddy: H.R. Giger (1940 – 2014)



Swiss surrealist artist H.R. Giger was a king of erotomechancis. This man’s mind….wow.

HR Giger_nubian_queen


He created the iconic alien of the ‘Alien’ film franchise, created murals for the Alien prequel ‘Prometheus,’ among other very cool work in films and music (including album artwork for many and even a custom microphone stand for Jonathon Davis of the band Korn). His vision of biomechanics made the relationship between (wo)man and machine incredibly sexy, dripping with the promise of inhuman pleasure. In a 1979 interview, Giger said: “My paintings seem to make the strongest impression on people who are, well, who are crazy. If they like my work they are creative … or they are crazy.” Count me in.

Enjoy the next leg of your adventure, Mr. Giger.


GODSPEED: Catch the Vibe

We are moving ever forward with the sci-fi feature film called Godspeed. It’s not your grandmother’s science fiction but this project is coming together quite nicely.

We’ll let the pictures do the talking.

GODSPEED: an independent sci-fi feature film. Celia C. Peters, Writer + Director, Gina Charbonnet, Producer.

Feminist & Proud….Because Women Are the Bomb

People sometimes ask me what being a feminist means to me. I say it means that I know that women and men are EQUAL not the same — but of equal value.
(Which is why it takes 1 egg and 1 sperm.)
For me, everything else follows from that premise of equality….
from the spiritual to the personal to the social to the political.

Happy International Women’s Day to women & girls everywhere and to those who love us!

(Music: Zap Mama)

AFD: Avant-Garde for the Holidays


Elements Series: Water (Artistic Freedom Design)

Still looking for a special gift for the cool character on your Xmas list?
Artistic Freedom Design is now offering signed archival prints of our icy-hot signature wall art collections through special order. Go avant-garde for the tastemaker in your life: AFD Wall Art is as striking as it is unique.
Take a look: AFD Online.

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If you happen to be in the UK (or Europe), please check out our UK online storefront: AFD Abroad.

We promise that shopping Artistic Freedom Design will NOT involve riots, mace, fisticuffs or any other trauma to body or mind.

Happy Holidays!

ROXË15: Update!

You’re probably wondering:
Where in the world is Roxë?

A new voice in science fiction

Roxë15: A sci fi short film

We are thrilled to report that as you read these words,
Roxë15 is in the very capable hands of superb editor Lamont Jack Pearley!

Lamont Jack Pearley

He’s very serious about editing: Lamont Jack Pearley

Jack (who’s also a fantastic filmmaker in his own right) has edited for Bloomberg Business Week and City Lights Media, worked production with Upright Citizens Brigade and in the documentary world — not to mention his work producing, directing and editing his films and Web series. We’re amped that he is now slicing, dicing and cutting Roxë15 into the future-forward visual journey it’s destined to be. Our ETA for the finished film? Early 2014. After Jack does his thing, we still have a couple more post-production bases to cover before prime time…..but baby, we are well on our way.

Stay tuned!

Usoni: If Africa Owned the Sun

What happens when Africa owns the sun?

Smart and innovative… just what we like:         sci-fi series Usoni

Imagine a a future where immigration is flowing TO Africa — because thanks to air pollution, it’s one of a few places where the sun is visible. Kenyan sci-fi series Usoni follows a couple who risks everything to get to where the sun still shines in the year 2062. reports that Usoni is still in its pilot phase. The way we see it, if someone financed Sharknado (and its sequel), surely there’s room at the table for the likes of Usoni. Those of us who enjoy using our brains need something to watch too.

Usoni was created by Dr. Marc Rigaudis, produced by Denver Ochieng, and directed by Cherie Lindiwe of the United States International University.

Usoni: a sci-fi series

Don’t Flip This Wig

Smart Wigs: Straight to the Dome?

Smart Wigs: High-tech tomfoolery?

Lace-front wigs, grandma wigs, church lady wigs, drag queen wigs. Now there’s a new kid on the block: the smart wig. Sony has applied for a patent for a wig that it claims will be “able to process data and communicate wirelessly with other external devices.” Wearable technology has a hot topic for a while but now apparently its time has come. Possible uses for the smart wig? According to BBC News, they include helping vision-impaired people navigate using vibration motors or ultrasound waves, virtual reality gaming (of course) or even taking the wearer’s temperature, pulse or bloodpressure and sending the info to a server (uh-oh). And what’s all this about communicating wirelessly with other external devices? Communicating what? And with which devices? Hmmmmm.

One wonders if we ready to go down this road. Seriously. Forget the ‘knockout game’ — just imagine people “wig-jacking” to get the latest, greatest smart wig. Then again, this could end up being the next big thing. Meantime, we’re still trying to get our head around it.