Ava 500: A Freelancer’s Dream

Ava 500 by iRobot

Just worry about what shows up on camera…

Hey, hey, hey. After years of careful research and painstaking development, you can finally attend meetings in your underwear.

iRobot’s Ava 500 is a “virtual collaboration gadget” — i.e., a next-level telepresence robot that will bring you to a room when you’re not even in the building. She has a 21.5” LCD screen that puts your face up in the place (translation: throw on a nice shirt, lipstick, comb your hair — but from the waist down, anything goes), plus Ava sports juiced up cameras and mics that send audiovisuals back to the user.

Something about this picture....

Hanging with Ava

Ava 500 can navigate on her own thanks to 3D, sonar and laser sensors — and even has a neck that moves. According to maker iRobot, Ava 500 offers “freedom of movement, spontaneity and physical presence.” And, she’ll only set you back $70K (or about $2,500/month in a 3-year lease).

Yes, Ava is pricey. But on the other hand, not having to actually go to meetings…..priceless.

Don’t Flip This Wig

Smart Wigs: Straight to the Dome?

Smart Wigs: High-tech tomfoolery?

Lace-front wigs, grandma wigs, church lady wigs, drag queen wigs. Now there’s a new kid on the block: the smart wig. Sony has applied for a patent for a wig that it claims will be “able to process data and communicate wirelessly with other external devices.” Wearable technology has a hot topic for a while but now apparently its time has come. Possible uses for the smart wig? According to BBC News, they include helping vision-impaired people navigate using vibration motors or ultrasound waves, virtual reality gaming (of course) or even taking the wearer’s temperature, pulse or bloodpressure and sending the info to a server (uh-oh). And what’s all this about communicating wirelessly with other external devices? Communicating what? And with which devices? Hmmmmm.

One wonders if we ready to go down this road. Seriously. Forget the ‘knockout game’ — just imagine people “wig-jacking” to get the latest, greatest smart wig. Then again, this could end up being the next big thing. Meantime, we’re still trying to get our head around it.

Women. Who Needs ‘Em?

BLOG_no way-sexist_tiger rugMisogyny….it’s so tired, so neanderthal — so repulsive, so useless. Yet and still, unlike the extinct pint-sized sub-species, misogyny and it’s little brother, male chauvinism, continue to live. This post could go anywhere, but we will focus on how this cancer keeps contaminating one of our fave things in the world: film.

It’s hard to believe, but in this day and age, there are still those who are seriously selling the B.S. line that a woman should not/cannot carry a film. Films like the sci-fi flick “Gravity.” Not long ago, director Alfonso Cuarón revealed that he was pressured to change the gender of the lead character of “Gravity,” played by Sandra Bullock, to be male. ( And let’s be clear: Cuarón wrote the “Gravity’s” script about this woman character with his son.)

BLOG_sandra b gravity

Sandra Bullock as Dr. Ryan Stone in “Gravity” (2013)

Enough already.

BLOG_ripley images

Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley in “Alien” (1979).

Enough of this ridiculous knee-jerk assumption that stories of adventure, intrigue, daring or importance are testosterone territory. One of the most memorable characters in contemporary science fiction, Ripley from the “Alien” film franchise (rocked out by Sigourney Weaver), was written as a man, but director Ridley Scott thought the movie would be more interesting if Ripley was a woman. Now imagine how much less memorable “Alien” would’ve been as yet another sci-fi flick with a male protagonist battling aliens in deep space.  See how that works?

Clearly, some people (and by ‘people’, I mean pathetic men and the pea-brained women who let these dudes shape their thinking) are very resistant to the reality that women and men are equal. Not the SAME, but equal in value. Everything in science, nature and divinity confirms this. And no amount of misogyny, chauvinism, male worship or plain old wishful thinking is ever going to change that fact….so for the love of God, deal with it and stop trying to derail great storytelling with your intellectually impotent nonsense. Here’s a 21st century news flash: like so many other things once thought to be the exclusive domain of men (voting, driving, running one’s own sex life, being boss, having a bank account, and yes….even acting), the jobs of lead actor and (gasp!) even film director, have both fallen into women’s greedy little hands. And guess what? We’re not going anywhere.

Flashback Friday: It’s Automatic

Strictly speaking this is not necessarily futuristic, but it feels like it, no? Maybe the sexy robotic thing that Wendy & Lisa have going on? In any case, enjoy.

His Purple Badness

I’m the best you’ll ever find….


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This little ditty is freaky, but it’s damned cool. Behold a child becoming elderly in a matter of minutes…..how’s that for perspective? You won’t really see it, but you’ll definitely know that it’s happening — trust. Filmmaker Anthony Cerniello used the faces of multi-generational relatives to create this amazing piece that captures the aging process in surreally clear high def. According to Cerniello, “The idea was that something was happening but you can’t see it but you can feel it, like aging itself.”  Indeed.

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Genetic Abductees


The work of NYC artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg.

You do realize that you’re leaving little pieces of yourself wherever you go, right? The cup you left on the cafe table, your spit on the sidewalk, your wad of chewed-up gum in the gutter, a few strands of hair in a public bathroom sink. Well, NYC artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg collects DNA-filled items left behind in public spaces and takes them to Genspace, a “community biotechnology lab” in Brooklyn. Genspace extracts the DNA, which gives the artist intell on the person who left it. Says Dewey-Hagborg: “From a cigarette butt, I can learn where someone’s ancestors likely came from, their gender, eye color, hair color, complexion, freckles, their tendency to be overweight and a handful of dimensions of the face as well with a certain likelihood.” The DNA doesn’t give her an exact portrait, but it’s enough info for her to come up with a mug that she can translate into art. No wonder their faces look so spooky!

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From My Brain to Yours….

brain to brainFinally — the power to control another person’s body with your mind is a reality! Well, sort of. Researchers at the University of Washington successfully sent a signal generated by one person’s thoughts across a computer interface to the brain of another person….and that thought moved a body part of the second person. Deep, right?! Someone’s thought was felt in someone else’s body. The ultimate goal is for those with prosthetic limbs to be able  to move them using their minds…..but the other possibilities are endless.

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