Filmmaker Celia C. Peters at the Images of Black Women Festival

Recently, filmmaker Celia C. Peters had the opportunity to support two fellow American filmmakers, Victoria Mahoney and Laurens Grant, by introducing their films, the fascinating drama Yelling to the Sky and the superb documentary Jesse Owens (respectively) at the opening night of the 2012 IBW Film Festival in London. Huge kudos to these uber-talented, innovative, highly determined ladies! Big up also to the terrific team that presented the festival, especially founder Sylviane Rano, marketing maven Alexandra Dorisca, festival co-producer Paul Brewster and the enchanting Sis Hya, who interviewed me for JetBlakInk. One of the other highlights (the whole experience was fab!) of the festival was my first-ever Twitter Interview, with Ms. Mahoney. I love it: transatlantic-transcultural-transmedia! Welcome to the future.

Filmmaker Celia C. Peters at IBW Film Festival

Chatting with UK actress Candy Onygama

Check back for the latest Godspeed news……


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