A Heavenly Menage à Trois

Jupiter and Io captured by space probe Cassini

Jupiter and its moon Io

A couple of weeks ago, Jupiter had a lovely menage à trois: a spectacular triple eclipse. Three of its big moons — Europa, Callisto, and Io (shown above) — passed in front of the huge planet at the same time….and like dedicated voyeurs do, the Hubble Telescope got it all on camera. Gas giant Jupiter has 62 moons, so eclipses aren’t exactly a special occasion, but having three of its four superstar moons show up at the same time IS a special occasion. Only Ganymede (my personal fave) couldn’t stay for the fun. Imagine: if you had been standing on Jupiter, you would’ve peeped three solar eclipses at once. Side note: the moon Europa is kind of a big deal. Astronomers think that there’s life in the incredibly deep oceans under its icy surface….life as we know it, that is.

See it happen! At 00:07 look for the shadows of the 3 moons on Jupiter’s surface.

Welcome to a new frontier: Godspeed

Well, hello there and welcome to the wonderful world of Godspeed.

Godspeed is a new breed of science fiction feature film that is now in development. Please join us on the exciting journey to putting to this very special film on the big screen.

Godspeed is a near-future story that pushes us to consider the notion that we are not alone in the cosmos.  The growing number of new star systems and planets being discovered every day suggest that this is more than a remote possibility. What if contact with other intelligent life is nothing like we expect? 

This project also challenges us to think about film in a fresh way, without the baggage of meaningless categories and divisions that get in the way of character, story, talent and the art of cinema.

On this adventure in independent filmmaking, we’ll explore the movies, the cosmos, the things & people that make our world special and SO much more…..there’s a whole universe ahead of us.

Are you ready?

PHOTO: Blueforce4116/Flickr.com