Happy 100th, Lady Day

Eleanora Fagan, aka Billie Holliday
(April 7, 1915 – July 17, 1959)

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Introducing Roxë15, The Movie Art


ARTWORK and TITLE: Copyright 2013, Artistic Freedom Ltd. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Any duplication, derivation or use is EXPRESSLY FORBIDDEN.

We are pleased as punch to unveil the key artwork for my sci-fi short film, Roxë15. UK artist Rowan Stocks-Moore has produced 3 hot & gorgeous pieces of artwork for the project. Rowan was the bomb.com to work with and we’re stoked about how this art captures the stark world of the film *and* hints at the psycho-digital thang that rocks Roxë’s world.

Meantime, post-production marches on. Editor Jack Pearley is rolling with the creative punches, working it out. Also, we’ve just brought on NYC visual effects artist Adam Wiesen to give Roxë15 a nice dose of “yuck” factor. Welcome to Team Roxë, Adam!

Next up: motion graphics wizard Kate Thomson will soon be bringing her cyber-fabulous-bad-assness to the mix. Stay tuned.


Kwanzaa. DAY 7: Faith | Imani


Faith/Imani by Artistic Freedom Design | http://bit.ly/AFDwallart

The evidence of things not seen.

As Kwanzaa draws to a close and we step into a brand new year, we wish each and every one the very best that the new horizon has to bring:
dreams fulfilled, visions realized, joy, peace, love, expansion of our minds & spirits. Evolution.

One Love.

Kwanzaa. DAY 3: Collective Work and Responsibility | Ujima

Collective Work and Responsibility/Ujima by Artistic Freedom Design | http://bit.ly/AFDwallart

We are One. Together, we get things done.