Roxë15 is ALIVE and WELL


Roxë15, a science fiction short film by Celia C. Peters. (Artwork by Rowan Stocks-Moore)

Some of you may be wondering: What ever happened to that sci-fi short film? Well, I’m here to tell you that Roxë15 is, indeed, alive and well.

Ohio-based editor Chris Croft and I have been working hard for the past several weeks….and (thank God!) the light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer and closer. I have had the great pleasure of editing sound effects (call me geeky or whatever, but I happen to LOVE editing audio). Anyhoo, the final pieces are coming into place. It has taken a while but as they say, good things come to those who wait — so stay tuned.

Also, I’m extremely excited and honored to announce that the feature-length screenplay of Roxë15 was recently selected to be a part of cultivEight, a national film development program sponsored by NEA Art Works! cultivEight is produced by PushPush Film and Theater in Atlanta, in partnership with BrandCinema in NYC and producer Alexander A. Motlagh. It’s an innovative, hands-on, filmmaker-centered incubator that develops out-of-the-box film projects over 8 months.  The object is to thoroughly and thoughtfully develop projects, connect filmmakers with producers and get projects into (what?) PRODUCTION!

Feeling extremely thankful/grateful that both the long and short of Roxë15 are moving in the right direction…..ever forward!


Introducing Roxë15, The Movie Art


ARTWORK and TITLE: Copyright 2013, Artistic Freedom Ltd. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Any duplication, derivation or use is EXPRESSLY FORBIDDEN.

We are pleased as punch to unveil the key artwork for my sci-fi short film, Roxë15. UK artist Rowan Stocks-Moore has produced 3 hot & gorgeous pieces of artwork for the project. Rowan was the to work with and we’re stoked about how this art captures the stark world of the film *and* hints at the psycho-digital thang that rocks Roxë’s world.

Meantime, post-production marches on. Editor Jack Pearley is rolling with the creative punches, working it out. Also, we’ve just brought on NYC visual effects artist Adam Wiesen to give Roxë15 a nice dose of “yuck” factor. Welcome to Team Roxë, Adam!

Next up: motion graphics wizard Kate Thomson will soon be bringing her cyber-fabulous-bad-assness to the mix. Stay tuned.


GODSPEED: Catch the Vibe

We are moving ever forward with the sci-fi feature film called Godspeed. It’s not your grandmother’s science fiction but this project is coming together quite nicely.

We’ll let the pictures do the talking.

GODSPEED: an independent sci-fi feature film. Celia C. Peters, Writer + Director, Gina Charbonnet, Producer.

ROXË15: Update!

You’re probably wondering:
Where in the world is Roxë?

A new voice in science fiction

Roxë15: A sci fi short film

We are thrilled to report that as you read these words,
Roxë15 is in the very capable hands of superb editor Lamont Jack Pearley!

Lamont Jack Pearley

He’s very serious about editing: Lamont Jack Pearley

Jack (who’s also a fantastic filmmaker in his own right) has edited for Bloomberg Business Week and City Lights Media, worked production with Upright Citizens Brigade and in the documentary world — not to mention his work producing, directing and editing his films and Web series. We’re amped that he is now slicing, dicing and cutting Roxë15 into the future-forward visual journey it’s destined to be. Our ETA for the finished film? Early 2014. After Jack does his thing, we still have a couple more post-production bases to cover before prime time…..but baby, we are well on our way.

Stay tuned!

Usoni: If Africa Owned the Sun

What happens when Africa owns the sun?

Smart and innovative… just what we like:         sci-fi series Usoni

Imagine a a future where immigration is flowing TO Africa — because thanks to air pollution, it’s one of a few places where the sun is visible. Kenyan sci-fi series Usoni follows a couple who risks everything to get to where the sun still shines in the year 2062. reports that Usoni is still in its pilot phase. The way we see it, if someone financed Sharknado (and its sequel), surely there’s room at the table for the likes of Usoni. Those of us who enjoy using our brains need something to watch too.

Usoni was created by Dr. Marc Rigaudis, produced by Denver Ochieng, and directed by Cherie Lindiwe of the United States International University.

Usoni: a sci-fi series

What the @#$**!% is a DASER?

DASER logoOn October 18, I had the honor and pleasure of being a part of something very sexy.  ‘Twas the National Academy of Science’s monthly series, called DASER (D.C. Art Science Evening Rendezvous) — a sweet spot in the heart of the nation’s capital, where people get together to talk about 2 of my fave things in the entire world: art and science.
And trust me, although I look both sleepy and sarcastic in the photo below,
DASER was fan-f**kin-tastic.

DASER_me panel lean_edit

The job of the October panel was to talk about science fiction… which I find quite exciting. Needless to say, I was all too happy to introduce everyone to the irons I currently have in the fire: Roxë15 and Godspeed. And I was in great company on the stage, arty science types doing hot projects: two sci-fi authors (one of whom is a theoretical physicist, the other someone who predicted a current-day technology in his writing), plus a law professor who’s a founder of the Center for Science and the Imagination and a moderator who’s EIC of the magazine “Issues in Science and Technology.”  And an audience of other very cool, creative eggheads. I swear, smart people are so sexy.
DASER_panel widePS: If you are in the D.C. area, check DASER out for your monthly dose of

Roxë15: Onward and Upward!


We have officially concluded the IndieGoGo campaign for Roxë15!

Thanks to the backing of visionary and generous supporters, we are headed toward post-production. We SO appreciate everyone who gave to this project.
Thank you for being invested!

We eternally grateful for all of the many forms of love that have come to this project from so many corners. Without audience, there is no point — so having you with us means everything…. and we will be loving you right back. We very much look forward to presenting a sci-fi film that is fresh, authentic and innovative.
Roxë15 will represent a new voice and a new perspective, in a new way. Namaste.

If you missed us on IGG,
the production accepts donations ongoing through PayPal:
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