Happy 100th, Lady Day

Eleanora Fagan, aka Billie Holliday
(April 7, 1915 – July 17, 1959)

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Science + Art = The Truth

conch shell-rafael-araujo9-horizontal-galleryVenezuelan artist Rafael Araujo creates exquisite, incredibly complex art using math as a foundation — but he doesn’t use electronics to create these pieces. He uses a ruler and a protractor to translate lines, spirals and helixes into haunting images that defy gravity and blast our sense of scale and space. That’s what’s up.

Rafael Araujo: The Calculations Series

Bionic Fashion. Nano-Tattoos. Meet Wearable Tech.

wearable-technologyThere’s something so sexy about fashion and technology smashing.These days, a bunch of companies are coming up with intelligent apparel that will use technology to go far beyond merely covering the body in the next few years. I, for one, am turned on about having such evolved fashion choices. One of these pieces is the Intimacy dress, which (according to the company that produces it)  becomes transparent “based on close and personal encounters with people.” What-what?!

Check it: Bionic Fashion

For some reason, this song came to mind as the soundtrack to this story: