Unseen Body Heat

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This headpiece by The Unseen has 4000 conductive Swarovski crystals that change hue according to brain activity. Guess that means if there’s not much going on up there, everyone will know?

British fashion house The Unseen has joined fashion and science for reals. The Unseen is three women, Lauren Bowker, Chista Leask and Jess Smith, who create exquisite wearable science using both cutting-edge technology and incredible tailoring. In fact, Bowker (The Unseen’s founder), studied both fashion and chemistry. Originally, she started down this path to help herself: she has a spinal condition and wanted to create materials that would signal a shift in her condition.

the-unseen-back of jacket

Jacket by The Unseen

Nowadays, The Unseen cooks up heat-sensitive inks and hyper-conductive stones to come up with truly custom palettes that change color based on heat (including heat generated by brain activity), friction (!!!) and humidity. (So, yes,  even the crazy-territorial fashionistas among us can be SURE no one will have on the same outfit….even if it is the same outfit.) This is what we call future-forward —- and the Unseen’s stunning, otherworldly silhouettes only make us love it more. (Oh, and BTW, they make non-clothing items too.)

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that science and smart are not sexy.


ROXË15: A New Voice in Science Fiction!

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My sci-fi short film, Roxë15, is now raising $$ for post-production funds!

Roxë15 is set to transform this genre by bringing new faces, new voices and new perspectives to science fiction film with a quality piece of work. We’ve just launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $6,000 for post-production by August 30. These funds will go toward editing, graphics, a sound mix, music licensing and festival submissions.

BE A PART OF THIS MOVEMENT: back the campaign with whatever amount that works for you  we welcome ANY amount.  We’re expanding the science fiction genre and we need your support to do it!

KICK IN TO ROXË15 ON KICKSTARTER:  http://bit.ly/roxe15ks

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The time for the future is now.