PlayStation 4: Virtual Reality Here We Come!

sony vr headset

Sony’s HMZ-T2 3D goggles

Word on the street is that Sony will soon unveil their virtual reality headset for PlayStation 4. VR is the next-level gaming experience and apparently, Sony has taken it way beyond ts current 3D goggles, the HMZ-T2. If anybody has the bank and the know-how to make it happen, it’s Sony. The electro giant says it doesn’t comment on rumors, but if you listen to industry sources, the announcement may come at the Tokyo Game Show this month.
Is your brain ready to live your game?
Fast-forward 38 years.
rx visor_72_450 poster_purple_TITLEIn 2051, virtual reality is a full-brain experience.
Roxë is right in the middle of the action — the question is, will she survive it?
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