Flashback Future Friday: TRON


We love Tron. (The original, of course.) Remember this dude? Not the one you want to be trapped inside a circuit-board with, fa shizzle. Thinking about virtual reality got us feeliing nostalgic about past versions of VR — a category which Tron rules, as far as we’re concerned. People….inside a computer. How cool is that?
tron couple chicWe are dealing with virtual reality of the more contemporary persuasion.

ambrose on grnd_72

Roxë (April Matthis) and Ambrose (Graham Powell) in a virtual world. (Production still from Roxë15.)

Roxë15 puts Roxë herself inside the software program she created. It’s a whole new world run rules that Roxë created, but someone else is breaking. Curious? Help us reveal what’s up to everyone by getting this film finished! 

ROXE15 on IndieGoGo until 9.30.2013 

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