Don’t Flip This Wig

Smart Wigs: Straight to the Dome?

Smart Wigs: High-tech tomfoolery?

Lace-front wigs, grandma wigs, church lady wigs, drag queen wigs. Now there’s a new kid on the block: the smart wig. Sony has applied for a patent for a wig that it claims will be “able to process data and communicate wirelessly with other external devices.” Wearable technology has a hot topic for a while but now apparently its time has come. Possible uses for the smart wig? According to BBC News, they include helping vision-impaired people navigate using vibration motors or ultrasound waves, virtual reality gaming (of course) or even taking the wearer’s temperature, pulse or bloodpressure and sending the info to a server (uh-oh). And what’s all this about communicating wirelessly with other external devices? Communicating what? And with which devices? Hmmmmm.

One wonders if we ready to go down this road. Seriously. Forget the ‘knockout game’ — just imagine people “wig-jacking” to get the latest, greatest smart wig.┬áThen again, this could end up being the next big thing. Meantime, we’re still trying to get our head around it.