How Star Wars Ruined Sci-Fi

Star Wars

It’s been a long slide downhill since the original….

If you care about sci-fi, check out this piece entitled “How Star Wars Ruined Sci-Fi.” It’s one of the best op-ed pieces I’ve read in a minute. Big up to this writer for so eloquently and insightfully discussing the demise of sci-fi film and the slippery slope of commercialism that has transformed the very chromosomes of the American film industry — particularly science fiction. Yes, there is a business that supports film — but do not get it twisted: filmmaking is an art.

I give the writer, Lewis Beale, even more love for not only shouting out Octavia Butler, but also for pointing out the insanity of her work and the work of other top-notch sci-fi novelists (like Joe Halderman’s The Forever War) not being adapted to film because they’re ‘too smart’ and don’t fit into Hollywood’s moronically simplistic sci-fi lexicon of CGI, weapons battles and tired archetypes. Can I get a witness?

I have two things to say: a new day is dawning…and sci-fi 4eva!

GODSPEED: Catch the Vibe

We are moving ever forward with the sci-fi feature film called Godspeed. It’s not your grandmother’s science fiction but this project is coming together quite nicely.

We’ll let the pictures do the talking.

GODSPEED: an independent sci-fi feature film. Celia C. Peters, Writer + Director, Gina Charbonnet, Producer.

Roxë15: Onward and Upward!


We have officially concluded the IndieGoGo campaign for Roxë15!

Thanks to the backing of visionary and generous supporters, we are headed toward post-production. We SO appreciate everyone who gave to this project.
Thank you for being invested!

We eternally grateful for all of the many forms of love that have come to this project from so many corners. Without audience, there is no point — so having you with us means everything…. and we will be loving you right back. We very much look forward to presenting a sci-fi film that is fresh, authentic and innovative.
Roxë15 will represent a new voice and a new perspective, in a new way. Namaste.

If you missed us on IGG,
the production accepts donations ongoing through PayPal:
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virus CU_brite

Of course, it doesn’t pop up until the year 2051…in virtual reallity….but you can never be too careful. It’s pretty focused on getting Roxë, but anything is posible in VR. And don’t get it twisted: this digital monster is stealth. It doesn’t speak, it doesn’t feel, and it’s brutally efficient. Just saying.

Check out the very un-monstrous Daniel Moser, who plays the virus in Roxë15, talking about his inhuman character. Daniel is nothing like the photo —- honest.

Roxë15 is raising money for post-production on IndieGoGo until Sept. 30. Help make this film happen — become a backer today!

You can get in touch with Daniel Moser (actor and performance artist) at

Tragically Perverted: The Thirsty Barfly

Meet The Barfly, played by NYC actor Michael Kaplan in sci-fi short film Roxë15.

The Barfly can usually be found at the end of the bar in Tranzit, the high-tech dive where Roxë makes her daily bread. He  is the quintessential mid-21st century man: disgruntled, full of rage and more than anything, THIRSTY — because like most people in the America of 2051, he can’t afford water — let alone a drink. The Barfly represents many future Americans: bled dry and mad about it. Somewhere along the way, he’s decided to take it out on Roxë….but she’s not having it.

Hear what the actor has to say about the low-life he plays so well:

If you want to see a new and different possible future, help make it happen.
Become a backer at any level. Today’s a great day for it!

And oh yeah — in real life, Michael is a really cool guy and an illmatic actor. Keep up with him.
FB: Michael.Kaplan

We Have 7 DAYS Left

RX15_group poster_resize sm

MEET ROXË P. JONES: Sci-Fi Iconoclast

Meet the lovely and talented actress who brings Roxë Jones to life.

April Matthis as Roxë

April Matthis as Roxë

Actress April Matthis plays nice as herself

Actress April Matthis  as herself

Roxë is a virtual reality programmer on the come-up — and April Matthis is a super-talented shooting star of stage and screen. Both actress and character are passionate, determined, fearless women marching to their own beat, with eyes on the prize.

Not your typical sci-fi protagonist, huh?

ROXË15 HAS 7 DAYS REMAINING ON INDIEGOGO. We need to raise $4500 to edit and master the film. Every dollar counts!
Bring a new voice to science fiction. Become a backer today.

You can next catch April doing her thing as Eunice Hubbell in
“A Streetcar Named Desire” at the Yale Repertory Theatre (until Oct. 12), alongside Joe Manganiello (Alcide Herveaux of HBO’s “True Blood”) among talented others.

Flashback Future Friday: TRON


We love Tron. (The original, of course.) Remember this dude? Not the one you want to be trapped inside a circuit-board with, fa shizzle. Thinking about virtual reality got us feeliing nostalgic about past versions of VR — a category which Tron rules, as far as we’re concerned. People….inside a computer. How cool is that?
tron couple chicWe are dealing with virtual reality of the more contemporary persuasion.

ambrose on grnd_72

Roxë (April Matthis) and Ambrose (Graham Powell) in a virtual world. (Production still from Roxë15.)

Roxë15 puts Roxë herself inside the software program she created. It’s a whole new world run rules that Roxë created, but someone else is breaking. Curious? Help us reveal what’s up to everyone by getting this film finished! 

ROXE15 on IndieGoGo until 9.30.2013

Get into it — become a backer today.

Working It Out

DP Shilpi Agrawal and director Celia C. Peters on the set of Roxë15.

DP Shilpi Agrawal and director Celia C. Peters on the set of Roxë15.

On this Labor Day weekend, we are reflecting on the plentiful fruits of hard labor and looking forward to reaping the benefits of all the work that went into shooting Roxë15.

We are now raising money to finish this film on IndieGoGo until September 30.
Check us out and please chip in to bring a fresh outlook to science fiction.

Have a good holiday!


rx run sun_72

8.34am on Friday, August 30!!!

If you love indie film, dig sci fi or just want to see something fresh on the screen, CONTRIBUTE TODAY!

The funds we’re raising are funds WE NEED! The money will go to editing, a sound mix, computer graphics and festival submissions to get this movie out there. The only way change will happen is if WE MAKE IT HAPPEN — and something definitely needs to change in the film industry. Step up for fresh, authentic characters — rarely seen representations of women (A FEMALE LEAD IN SCI FI!), people of color (BLACK SCIENTISTS!) and technology (DIGITAL ENTITIES PERSONIFIED!).

The clock is ticking and we need your pledges!
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