Futuremusic: It’s Tricky


UK trip-hop kingpin, Tricky

Hallelujah! New music from one of our futuristic faves: the one and only Tricky. Perpetually ahead of the curve, Tricky is still king of the trip-hop that lurks in the shadows. His new album, False Idols is cool, dystopian, gritty, minimalist but juicy with flavor and très, très funky — if you’re into that sort of thing. Grimy beats, sexy female vocals, and the soft growl of the man himself always close by…like a voice floating into your ear…from over your shoulder. Long live Tricky.

On sale now. Cop a listen on NPR:

SNEAK A PEEK: The Life and Times of Roxë Jones

ROXE15_lovers_scifiCheck out lead character Roxë Jones (April Matthis) in a still photo created for sci-fi short film, Roxë15. Here Roxë shares a tender moment with her boo, Denmark (Marcus Black) before all hell breaks loose. Soon after these happy times, it all hits the fan for our fave virtual reality programmer: the hardcore hustle of NYC, 2051 and a larger-than-life digital virus totally change the game for Roxë, in the worst way. Stay tuned.

Photo & supersonic photo editing by the film’s production designer, Elaina Barclift.

Special thanks: April Matthis, Marcus Black, Elaina Barclift.

Roxë15 is in post production.